2002-2006  SPASE-2  TeV Gamma-Ray Source Search

Data Sample / Processing / Selection
Angular Resolution
The Background
Unblinding Proposal

                                        Data Sample / Processing / Selection

SPASE-2 data exists from 1997 to 2006. Every file that could be extracted from tapes is processed.
X-talk filter, and hit cleaning is applied before reconstruction.
Known periods with different trigger conditions and hardware problems have been  omitted.
Every event with  4 station hit is reconstructed with maximum likelihood core location method if the first guess S30>0.
The quality of  data is monitored for a stable daily trigger rate (20% variability is allowed for atm. pressure effect).
Unstable days have been omitted from the Level 1 Data Set.

To minimize systematics due to hardware change in 2002, we devide the data set into pre and post-2002.

In this initial analysis we use the post-2002 data set.

Summary of the post-2002 Data Set