Neutron Monitor Community Workshop

NSF Whitepaper Writing Assignments

Executive summary                                                               Jim Ryan and John Clem


What are they?                                                                                                John Clem

Summary of the Science impact of Neutron Monitors.                          John Clem

Summary of the Societal impact of Neutron Monitors.                          Paul Goldhagen

Brief History of Neutron Monitors and 2/56 GLE story.                         Peggy Shea

IPast and present US supported stations, dates, map and status.         Roger Pyle

NM Discovery Section

Evolution of geomagnetic field.                                                                 Peggy Shea

Anisotropies of SEPs.                                                                                     John Bieber

Solar neutron events.                                                                                   Jim Ryan

Particle Drifts.                                                                                                Randy Jokipii

CR modulation.                                                                                              Marty Lee

Worldwide survey and mapping of geomagnetic rigidity cutoffs .       Alessandro Bruno


Summary of Presentations:

Domestic perspective of NMs                                                                  John Bieber

International perspective of NMs                                                            Ilya Usoskin

NASA CCMC/Space Weather                                                                    Yihua Zheng

Micro-electronics and Single Event Upsets                                            Mike Gordon 

Air Crew Hazards and Safety                                                                     Kyle Copeland

Air Force Interests                                                                                       Stephen White

Neutron Hydrology                                                                                    Paul Goldhagen

NOAA Space Weather                                                                                Doug Biesecker

Neutron Monitor Connections to NASA space missions                     Georgia deNolfo 

Neutron Monitor Data Base                                                                     Christian Steigies 

Solar Modulation and the heliosphere                                                    Randy Jokipii

SEPs and Forbush Decreases                                                                     Marty Lee

Use of Cosmic Ray Neutron Data in Nuclear Threat Detection         Paul Goldhagen  

The Earth as a magnetic spectrometer                                                   Alessandro Bruno

Low Earth Orbiting cosmic ray missions                                                 Mirko Boezio      

Neutron Monitor Innovations Past, Present and Future                     Paul Evenson      


Education and outreach                                                              Jim Madsen

Operational outlook for NMs.

NASA Spaceweather                                      Yihua Zheng

NOAA Spaceweather                                     Doug Biesecker

DHS                                                                    Paul Goldhagen

FAA                                                                    Kyle Copeland 

IBM                                                                    Mike Gordon

NSF (HYDROLOGY)                                         Paul Goldhagen

AF Office of Scientific Research                  Stephen White

AF Weather                                                      Stephen White

DoD                                                                   Paul Goldhagen

DTRA, NGA                                                       Paul Goldhagen