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Rules and Guidelines

Phase 2

For questions or concerns contact

John Clem ( or Bill Fendt (



Research in Sharp Lab can only proceed if we adhere to all of the University guidelines!

Patience and more patience will be needed for Phase 2 Ramp-Up

Anticipate normally simple tasks to take longer to accomplish than expected, need for extra planning to ensure physical distancing, attention to cleaning, masks, limited access to common equipment


Before starting back in the lab: The PI of each group must submit a request to return to campus

1.     All individuals must take the Campus Coronavirus Awareness Training

2.     Each PI must complete the Ramp-up Checklist before individuals can go into the lab.

3.     All trainings must be up to date. Look on Bioraft to confirm this


Arriving Sharp Lab:

1.   The day before you plan to come into Sharp, enter expected work times in Sharp Lab Master Calendar

2.   Within the hour before departing to the University, it is required to fill out the DPA pre-shift health screening form

3.   Masks must be worn at all times in the building.

4.   Use only the East Entrance of Sharp facing the Green. Sign in with UD ID card reader on table just inside the entrance. Please apply hand sanitizer and use disinfectant wipes as needed (phone, eye glasses, etc).

5.   To reduce contact with others please use the South-side stairwell (loading dock side) for up-going traffic only, North-side stair-well (Delaware Ave side) down-going only and center stairwell will remain bi-directional, being wider than the others, however move to the far right if approaching another person in the opposite direction.

6.   Elevator is allowable for only one person at a time.


All standard lab PPE requirements must still be met in the lab. Eye protection should not be shared.


We are only allowed on campus to do lab work

1.    Do your experimental planning and data analysis at home if possible.

2.    We are not allowed in commons spaces such as grad or post doc offices, the Commons, or seminar rooms.

3.    Plan your day so that you can come in, do your lab work efficiently, and leave.

4.     Only one person in allowed in the bathroom at a time. Block on the floor at the door says occupied can be moved by your foot.


We are only allowed to work for the hours specified in research request filed by your PI

1.    These requests included specific people allowed to work and their projected work hours

2.    Assume research can take place 24/7, though a buddy system needs to be in place (see below) so that no PI/student/researcher is alone in the building. High hazard/risk operations should not be conducted before 8am or after 5pm when EHS is unable to promptly respond to incidents.

3.    Discuss these work hours with your PI and the rest of your laboratory.

4.    Do not exceed the approved time slot.  These requests are to ensure social distancing across the building while allowing as many people as possible to return to research.


To help mitigate spread of COVID-19, Wear face masks, practice physical distancing (>6ft), and wash your hands frequently

1.    Get Tested. UD is working with the state to have testing done on the STAR campus for COVID-19.

2.    Contact EHS for procuring facemasks. Paper masks available at Fisher Stockroom:

3.    CDC instructions for face masks:

4.    Entry to building will be the door facing The Green (Green Door).  Do not let anyone else into the building when you enter

5.    Hand sanitizer will be available at entry point (Green Door). Wash your hands frequently, especially before entering, and after exiting, rooms with shared equipment.

6.    Only one occupant is allowed in the bathrooms. Do not use drinking fountains (bring your water).

7.    Cover all common computer keyboards with plastic wrap (i.e. Saran wrap) that can be disinfected without damage to the electronics.

Buddy System, Research Lab Calendar and Contact information

Due to the sparsity of folks working in Sharp Lab during the Phase 2 ramp-up, group members must arrange to be accompanied in the building by another person using the buddy system. The buddy system means you may not be in the building alone. You must have designated buddy who comes in with you, checks on your well-being, and leaves with you. While in the building, you are expected to know who and where your buddy is.

Sharp Lab Master Calendar (all approved group members below should have write access)

Scheduling Sharp Lab Buddy

Enter the desired work time period into the Master Google Calendar at least 24 hours in advance. Compare your time period with other entries and determine if there is overlap. If there is no overlap 24 hours before your desired arrival time, contact your PI or group leader to discuss solutions. If there is overlap, contact that person and designate each other as buddies. Exchange phone and email information.  Expect to adjust your time period as needed to accommodate each others schedule. Buddies are not limited to pairs as triplets and higher order arrangements are allowable. This applies to faculty, staff, postdocs and students.

Directory of Phase 2 Members


Derrick Allen Machine Shop 013

Derrick Allen,, 302-256-1517


Clem / Evenson Labs 020 / 301

John Clem,, 302-502-7405, 302-388-1218

James Roth,, 302-530-6246

Brian Lucas,, 610-322-0257

Pierre-Simon Mangeard,

Paul Evenson,

Hadjipanayis Lab 26

Aleksandr Gabay,, 302-585-6083
Shirin Pourmiri,, 302-513-3857
Yitong Xu,, 302-268-3307
Onur Tosun,, 302-332-3620
Vimal Deepchand,, 615-200-0408

Jungfleisch Labs 017, 018, 033, 302-605-6928, 302-252-7688

Sergi,, 312-366-6682

Benjamin,, 312-479-3184



Maruca Lab 303

Ben Maruca,,

Nowak Lab 027

Ed Nowak,

Kevin Haughey,

Shaw Labs 010, 022, 024, 101 A/B/C, 114, 128

John Shaw,

Xingru Shen,


Walker Lab 014

Barry Walker,

Rachael McIntyre,

Xiao Labs 017, 021, 028

John Xiao,, 302-379-9822

Hang Chen,, 302-419-6978

Yang Wang,, 302-268-3696

Xinghao Wang,, 302-268-5913

Subhash Bhatt,


Ji Lab 025

Yi Ji,

Xingru Shen,



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