Earth Magnetosphere Charged-Particle Trajectory Mapping
View in 3D how a charged particle will navigate through the Earth's magnetic field!

This project calculates positively or negatively charged particle trajectories
through the magnetosphere for different Kp indexes
and outputs a VRML(*.wrl) 3d plot of the particle trajectory

Particle Inputs: [More about this project]
Geographical Latitude : (degrees)
Geographical Longitude : (degrees)
Kp indices :
(Geomagnetic disturbance level)
Height: Km
Hour: (UTC)
Minute: NOTE: VRML plug-in required.
Download Cortona at:

Can't install a VRML plug-in?
- Static *.jpg samples
are available.

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Initial Zenith Angle : (degrees)
Initial Azimuth Angle : (degrees/10)
Energy or Rigidity:
Incident Particle Type:
Output Settings:
Particle VRML Output Size: rE
(Number of points in trajectory plotted)

**WARNING~ Higher Resolution = Slower Response Time & Larger File!**
Output a projected continent object with a radius of rE (radius of Earth) with a transparency of %


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