Cosmic Rays

India December 7-21, 2012

IceCube Plenary
IceTop parallel
Victor Hess symposium
History of neutrino astronomy
Ooty workshop:
IceCube/IceTop plenary talk
Ooty astro-particle school:
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3

Atmospheric leptons: the search for a prompt component pdf

Presentations in 2009/2010:

  Neutrino Physics - the cosmic-ray connection
The Humboldt University of Berlin, 12 January 2010

  Neutrino Physics - the cosmic-ray connection
Wuppertal, 18 January 2010

  Particle Astrophysics with IceCube
KIT, Karlsruhe, 9 February 2010

Old talks:

The plenary talk on  particle astrophysics  was presented at the 31st
International Conference on High Energy Physics at Amsterdam.

The Martin A. Pomerantz Professorship   lecture   is a general talk
about cosmic rays and particle physics presented May 9, 2002
at the University of Delaware.

The talk about  Origin of Cosmic Radiation was presented at the Gamma-2000 Workshop
at Heidelberg and is published in A.I.P Conf. Proc. 558 (2001) p. 27.

 Particle, Nuclear and Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics in the Decadal Survey
relates to the 2000 Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey and was published
in A.I.P. Conf. Proc. 575 (2000) p. 39.