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We are pleased to announce that an automated GLE Alarm has been developed. Using our neutron monitor stations at Fort Smith, Inuvik, Nain, Newark, Peawanuck, Thule, and the station at the South Pole (operated by the University of Wisconsin-River Falls), automated e-mail alarms can be sent to subscribers within minutes of large GLE onsets.

In brief, the system generates a WATCH when 1 station observes an increase of 4% or more in a 3-minute moving average, a WARNING when 2 stations observe such an increase, and an ALERT when 3 or more stations record such an increase. (A higher threshold for percent increase may be imposed for some stations with lower count rates.)

If you would like to receive such alarms during the beta testing period, please send an e-mail to John Clem ( or Pierre-Simon Mangeard ( Unless you indicate otherwise, we will sign you up to receive ALERTs only. Upon request, we can also send WATCHes or WARNINGs, but we caution that WATCHes have a relatively high rate of false alarms.

A scientific discussion of the alarm system can be found in this article,

Development of a Ground Level Enhancement Alarm System Based upon Neutron Monitors, T. Kuwabara, J. W. Bieber, J. Clem, P. Evenson, and R. Pyle, Space Weather, 4, S10001, doi:10.1029/2006SW000223, 2006,

which is available in the "Preprints and Reprints" section of our Website, .

A Webpage specifically devoted to the GLE alarm, including graphical displays is available at:

John Clem, Paul Evenson, and Pierre-Simon Mangeard.