Lectures from School on "Stellar Winds and Mass Loss" in Oleron, France, Oct. 2003

  • In October 2003, at a school on "Stellar Winds and Mass Loss" held in Oleron, France, I was invited to give a series of 4 x 1.5 hour lectures on "Stellar Wind Mechanisms and Instabilities". A brief description of the lectures, with links to PDF files (which can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader ) of the lecture slides is as follows:
  • lec1-sw.pdf  (6.9 MB) "Overview + Solar Wind": A general overview of wind equations and formalism, with then a summary of the gas-pressure driven outflow of the solar wind that results from solar coronal heating
  •  lec2-hswcak.pdf (5 MB) "CAK Line-DrivenWinds from Hot-Stars": A simplified review of the basic Castor, Abbott, and Klein (1975; CAK) theory for line-driven mass loss in hot-stars, but emphasizing the physically more transparent `Qbar' notation.first introduced by Ken Gayley (1996, ApJ).
  • lec3-hswrot.pdf (8 MB) "Rotation and other Multi-D Effects in Hot-Star Winds":Extension of line-driven wind theory for hot-stars to account for the vector nature of the line-force, with particular application to the case with rapid rotation. This lecture emphasis the peculiar properties of the vector line-force, and summarizes many of the points made in the general colloquium I give on 'Winds that Sail on Starlight'. It also concludes with a brief summary of my ideas for rotational mass ejection to make Be-star disks, a topic also covered elsewhere in my collouquium on 'The Launching of Be Star Disks'.
  • lec4a-csw.pdf (1.9 MB) "Wave-Pressure Models of Cool-Star Winds": Summarizes the little I know about cool-star mass loss, briefly reviewing attempts to explain this through Alfven-wave-pressure driven winds, and also emphasizing the general `Fine-tuning problem' of obtaining a large mass loss with a terminal speed that is significantly smaller than the surface escape speed.
  • lec4b-sedd.pdf (0.8 MB) "Continuum-Driven Winds from Super-Eddington Stars": Summarizes recent ideas about continnum-driven winds based on instabilities that could occur when a star approaches and exceeds the Eddingoton limit.
  • lec4c-ldi.pdf (5.9 MB) "Line-Deshadowing Instability": Reviews the basis of the strong, intrinsic instabilites that can lead to extensive small-scale structure in line-driven stellar winds.