The Bartol Research Institute
is a research center in the Department of Physics and Astronomy
at the University of Delaware. It is housed in the H. Rodney Sharp Laboratory on the University campus. The primary function of the Institute is to carry out forefront scientific research, with a primary focus in physics, astronomy and space sciences.

Featured Links

  • Icecube is on APOD
    at NASA
  • Bartol scientists blog
    from the South Pole
  • Ice Top project launches new
    web site
  • Schools, public invited to
    follow UD Antarctic expedition
  • The Bartol Research Institute
    becomes a member institution
    of the VERITAS experiment
  • AESOP and LEE
    Balloon Instruments
  • The ANITA experiment
    search for high energy
    (E > 10^18 eV) cosmic neutrinos
  • Neutron Monitors
    Real-Time Data From Newark,
    McMurdo and South Pole
  • Calendar of Events Seminars and Colloquia
For further information contact:
Dr. Jamie Holder - Director
jholder _at_

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