The 2013 BCV SPIN summer school was held from June 6 to 15 in Hangzhou, China. The school was organized by me in collaboration with Professors Kai Wang and Mingxing Liu (University of Zeizhang). More than 75 scientists from participating countries were in attendance. The breakdown is as follows: Pakistan (5), India (3), Nepal (4),Vietnam (3), Thailand(1), and China (50). Lectures were held in the Department of Physics of Hangzhou University, and they began at 9:00am and concluded around 7:00pm. The school covered many of the most important topics from high energy physics and cosmology (see the attached scientific program). To provide an overview regarding recent and exciting developments in these areas, we had invited some of the leading experts in these fields from the United States and China. The opening session provided me with the opportunity to explain the history and mission of BCVPSIN, and to remind lecturers and participants of the crucial assistance provided by the funding agencies and to thank all those who provided support.