In 2014, BCVSPIN will be in existence 25 years, and I strongly believe that this calls for an anniversary conference to be held in the school's very first location, Kathmandu Nepal. Fortunately, the political situation has improved and safety concerns no longer prevent us from hosting an event in Kathmandu. I have begun preliminary discussions with my colleague, Professor Binil Aryal from the University of Kathmandu, and he enthusiastically supports this plan. I firmly believe that BCVSPIN continues to play a unique and critical role in the community of high energy physics and cosmology. While this role is always changing and evolving- obviously the internet has allowed access to scientific publications that was not available 25 years ago -BCVSPIN continues to foster intense scientific exchange and collaboration. BCVSPIN is the only one of its kind to provide PhD students and Postdocs in this region of the world with access to the cutting-edge research and scientists and to thus provide them with opportunities to maintain and expand their own research. In a globalized world, where much of the exchange and communication has been critiqued for its unevenness, BCVSPIN enables a scientific dialogue that deserves to be continued and strengthened.