Solar and Stellar Winds


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Table of Contents

Solar and Stellar Winds

Comets & the Solar Wind

The Solar Corona Observed in X-rays

The Solar Corona Observed during Eclipse

The Solar Wind Observed by Ulysses

The Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF)

The Sun-Earth Connection

Heliospheric Cavity in the ISM

Stellar Winds

Winds from Cool Red Giants and Hot, Massive Stars

Radiation-Driven Winds from Hot-Stars

Rotational Modulation of Hot-Star Winds

Wind-Compressed Disks

Wind-Blown Bubbles in the ISM


Winds, Starbursts, & Quasars

Author: Stan Owocki


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This slide show was adapted from an invited poster display for the "Great Discoveries of Astronomy" session at the Spring 1999 Centennial meeting of the American Physical Society.

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