From:   BXSVR0::OWOCKI       14-JUN-2000 08:31:28.42
To:     SARAH
Subj:   A poem from your Dad...


Hope your bio exam went well! While lying in bed this morning
I made up this little poem to help you, but didn't get a chance
to tell you before you left.

(It's based on the whimsical song, "Moses supposes", sung by
Gene Kelley and Donald O'Connor in the movie,
"Singing in the Rain".)

        Moses supposes he knows his meiosis,
        but Moses supposes erroneously.

        To Moses meiosis just goes as mitosis,
        so Moses just shows his illiteracy.

        But S.O. is precoscious, grows wise by osmosis,
        and poses her notions assiduously.

        So know this: meiosis is haploid mitosis,
        and osmosis composes organically.

Love, Dad

P.S. Maybe if you show this to your bio teacher,
s/he will give you extra credit... for having to
live with a crazy Dad!