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GLE alarm from Bartol Neutron Monitors (currently 8 stations: FortSmith, Inuvik, McMurdo, Nain, Newark, Peawanuck, SouthPole and Thule).
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Announce: Alarm system is up now. South Pole and Thule station are currently not used for issuing alarm.

* Criteria of alarm
Num. of stations
> 4% increase
0 Quiet
1 Watch
2 Warning
3 or more Alert
* Current status

Now Quiet
Past 8-hour Watch

The Bartol Research Institute neutron monitor program is supported by the United States National Science Foundation under grants ANT-0739620 and ANT-0838839, by the University of Delaware Department of Physics and Astronomy and Bartol Research Institute, and by NASA EPSCoR.

* Current NM intensities (past 24 hour)

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Sample graph of GLE alarm at past 10 events